Total Picture Thinking

Everything is interconnected. The arc of a script. The corporate mission. People. And every piece of communication is part of the story.

Team Attitude

Nothing really happens in a vacuum. The best outcomes begin with listening, flexibility and cooperation.

Getting Details Right

Research is critical. Finding out that it takes 142 days to ship American food to starving children is the kind of detail that wakes the audience and sells the story.

Have Passort Will Travel

Hiring an experienced writer who is also an experienced photographer and traveler means you get value and quality for your next project.

What Clients Are Saying About RKay Butler

RKay Butler wrote 2 PBS documentaries for me that are as informative as they are enthralling. Facts come alive under her pen. - Adair Simon, Producer

RKay is a terrific writer and a great communicator. During her time with, she offered researched and detailed articles ... analytical insights and a great handle of the English language. Kay was all around a positive and friendly person to work with. - Eric Bombe-Ire, Film Industry Professional

Always a pleasure working with RKay... She and [her] team are thorough and very trustworthy. - Andy Parsons, Technical Director, CNN


Web Content

Web Content

From web sites to enewsletters to blog posts and social media, I can help tailor a complete package of communications and writing services to meet your corporate and marketing communications goals.
Feature Stories

Feature Stories

I've written about restaurants and shopping and travel and the internet and the entertainment industry for over two decades. In print or online I've interviewed, photographed and written about it. And I'd love to write about it for you.
Film / Video

Film / Video

I specialize in seeing the Big Picture. Then I take the details and pull them together with a hook. Bring me your industrial film, online video, television or documentary script. Let's create a vision together.

On Target Messaging • Original Thinking

"If you want to see what's beautiful, sometimes you have to walk to the edge." That's what I told my friend who was reluctant to approach the verge of the cliff to see the stunning flowers clinging to the rocky wall below.

That's the way it is, whether it's a web campaign, online video, or negotiations for world peace. Sometimes you have to kick down the box, not merely think outside of it. Let's do that. Let's kick down boxes. And walk to the edge.
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